The Ori Spado Story: An Exclusive Interview With the Hosts of The Gangster Chronicles

Last year, the Hollywood Fixer Orlando ‘Ori’ Spado joined Former Death Row records heads Reggie Wright Jr., and “M.O.B.” James McDonald in studio to share some of his notable life experiences with fans of The Gangster Chronicles.  The real life story of a Hollywood mob boss never disappoints.

In his conversation with the hosts of the popular ‘underworld’ podcast, Spado paid homage to former gangsters from local street gangs here in LA to mobsters overseas. The Mob Boss of Hollywood plugged some friends and associates and, of course, his new book The Accidental Gangster.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 11.15.05 AMThe author, speaker and business consultant continues to receive praise from gangsters of all ages. He supports anyone transitioning from a life of crime to a life “more sublime”. The former mob boss finds it particularly rewarding to connect with young people from the ‘underworld’ as they endeavor to find a better way. With his new consultancy, the Hollywood Fixer, Spado serves as a business and career coach in addition to his role as a motivational speaker.

The former mobster anticipates many opportunities to work with young adults as they pursue a legitimate livelihood or simply need professional advice in these troubles times.

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 1.40.16 AM
Ori Spado & Dr. Jordan Schaul 

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 11.03.44 AM“In this episode we have Colombo Crime family associate Ori Spado in studio. He takes us on his journey from the 60’s to present. He discusses his inspiration for writing his book “The Accidental Gangster”, his time in prison, how he almost got wacked by his boss behind a lie. He then tell’s us why Haitian Jack is a bum and fake gangster in his eyes, how the feds operate, his trial and much more! There is a lot of history in this episode, and some of you youngsters may not recognize all the names, but listen to the whole thing, there are a lot of jewels being dropped.”

Quadruple OG: The Ori Spado Story 


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