The Defense Minister of Israel Says, “Take Care of Grandma & Grandpa”

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 12.14.13 PM“Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)…”
Anyone who overthinks things has probably been advised to “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. Sometimes the smartest ones in the room tend to overthink and convolute simplicity. The KISS mantra is also a mainstay slogan in addiction recovery (e.g. 12-Step).

To former Hollywood mob boss Ori Spado KISS is a standard operating principle when handling life and work challenges. According to Spado (aka the Hollywood Fixer), “Whether one is a banker, athlete or mobster, the phrase Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS), works.”

The Israeli Defense Forces have adopted the KISS Principle to help flatten the curve of the novel coronavirus pandemic.  The following PSA presented by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who was once also Israel’s Minister of Education, demonstrates how to make something seemingly complicated, like epidemiological modeling, very simple for average folks. Incidentally, the IDF was once awarded the Israel Prize for its educational initiatives.

“Take Care of Grandma & Grandpa”

As a mantra of military service personnel, KISS was first attributed to US Navy engineers building and fixing aircraft in the 1960’s. But according to Spado, the minimalist practice of simplifying complex problems was also popularized by the mafia and Cosa Nostra way before modern military service people adopted the principle.

Spado considers his military training to be a formative part of his informal education in the legitimate business world, through his career in organized crime and during and after his stint in federal prison. He understands how to fix things without making it complicated.

Israeli Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett

The KISS Principle 

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