cropped-89537491_283031459330705_7128389712598794240_n-1.jpgWith the savvy & streets smarts & connections of a former mobster, Spado adds coaching clients in need of business advice & financial &/or legal assistance to his resume.

The Hollywood Fixer has never encountered a problem he couldn’t fix. And if he can’t fix something, he has team of people who can. Mobsters like Ori are well-connected (to say the least). While he can get you better plumbers and mechanics, he’d prefer you go to the Yellow Pages or Google. Ori is best known as a go-to fixer for big problems. When you have an IRS problem, he gets you the best tax attorney. If you get arrested, he gets you the best criminal lawyer. If your problem involves an issue with the cast on a film set, call Ori and he will take care of it. If you are being evicted from your apartment or facing foreclosure, he can get you fixed up.

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Who We Fix:

Our clients are regular, everyday people looking for ‘solutions’ to achieve financial success. Whether they need a new sink, a fancy new car, a fitness trainer or math tutor for the kids, we will fix them up and we can fix you up….

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The Big Fix (Monthly Retainer)
-Fixing, Coaching & Consulting-

$ (TBD)

$1000 Dollar Assessment Fee
(To Be Determined)
Lawyers, Financial Advisers, Bankers, etc.

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One-Time White Collar Fixes


Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Bankers, etc.

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One-Time Blue Collar Fixes


Plumbers, Mechanics, etc.
(Try the Yellow Pages or Google)

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The Hollywood Fixer