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Cohosts: The Hollywood Fixer (Ori Spado)
& his publicist (Dr. Jordan Schaul)


Conversations with Public Figures (et al.) About All Things Pandemic & More.
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Disclaimer: Appearing on our show does not make you a gangster.

A decade ago, former Hollywood mob boss and ‘fixer’ Orlando “Ori” Spado was indicted and sentenced to 5 years in federal prison under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).   The author and speaker never imagined he’d be hosting a video conference series via Zoom, but stranger things have happened.


90253806_235126734559116_6759850453103542272_n (1)Ori Spado & Jordan Schaul

The Offices of The Hollywood Fixer are located in Beverly Hills, California.
The Gangsters Without Borders Zoomcast is accessible worldwide.


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