Former mobster often have more business credibility than Harvard MBA grads.   Mob bosses possess street credibility and often more emotional intelligence than the average Ivy League business school student.

Ranking gangsters and mafiosos often share an innate ability to lead and manage subordinates. They harbor an intuitive understanding of organizational behavior and culture. While it may be difficult to cultivate these characteristics to in the classroom, they are common traits in a mobster.

The following citations may explain why the Hollywood Fixer is so gifted at fixing…

From Our Friend, NYU Professor Terrance Coffie

Once incarcerated for drug possession, NYU professor finds inspiration and hope for reform
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50 Best Small Business ideas for Ex-felons in 2020

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Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 12.04.39 AMDr. Schaul’s cousin Michael ‘Mickey’ Monus is a good example of a white collar business leader who was both enterprising and entrepreneurial before spend considerable time in a federal prison.

Mickey’s Secret Life